Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumors

When was the last time the smartphone market saw a real game-changer as far as features and functionality are concerned? The bad news is that we shouldn’t expect very much from smartphone makers in 2017 either but, we might see some cool new augmented reality features from Apple’s iPhone 8 and other flagships later this year.

We might see big changes in the smartphone market as far as handset design is concerned. LG’s G6, Apple’s iPhone 8, and the upcoming Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ flagship phones from Samsung will inch closer to making the all-screen smartphones of the future a reality, and new a new series of leaks show us just how impressive Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 really is.

 photo from Instagram user “minu_home” that shows glass faces from the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ in between a new LG G6 and last year’s Galaxy S7 edge.

miu home

Samsung has ditched the oblong home button from beneath the screen and reworked all of the components inside the phones. As a result, Samsung was able to cram incredibly large Super AMOLED displays into remarkably compact devices.

The latest leaks point to a 4K screen, a mini projector, 6GB of RAM, a 30MP camera, an enormous battery and a supercharged processor. There’s even a chance that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will have an iris scanner or a foldable screen, though the latter is somewhat less likely.

QHD, as we have on the Samsung Galaxy S7, is more than sharp enough for using it as a phone, but it’s not quite up to scratch for VR, so it’s likely Samsung will push the resolution up for the Samsung Galaxy S8, perhaps as high as 4K.

n fact, the company has already shown off a 5.5-inch 2160 x 3840 screen, which comes in at a pin sharp 806 pixels per inch. There’s no guarantee the Samsung Galaxy S8 will get this screen, but it’s clearly been designed for premium mobile devices and phones don’t get much more premium than the S8. We’ve also heard rumors from Weibo that the Samsung Galaxy S8 could have a 5.2-inch 2160 x 4096 screen.

Samsung is said to be working on a new camera , which will be between 18 and 24MP and have a wide f/1.4 aperture, where the Samsung Galaxy S7 has a narrower f/1.7 one. That extra width could allow more light in and the jump in megapixel count could allow for more detailed images, though while Samsung is apparently working on this camera it hasn’t been specifically linked to the Galaxy S8 yet.

A rumor has popped up again , with a Weibo poster claiming that one lens will be 12MP, while the other is 13MP and that lens-crafting duties will be split between Samsung and Sony. The front facing camera could also be in for a change, with the same Weibo source claiming that the Galaxy S8 will have an 8MP camera on the front, up from 5MP on the Galaxy S7.

On the other hand, another Weibo poster claims the S8 will have a 30MP rear camera with optical image stabilization and a 9MP front-facing one, but we’d be surprised if Samsung pushed the rear camera’s megapixel count up that high.

The only battery rumor so far suggests the Galaxy S8 will have a huge 4200mAh juice pack with support for both wireless and fast charging. We’re not convinced Samsung will squeeze a battery that big in, but hopefully the company won’t reverse the good work it’s done on the S7, which has better life than the S6 before it.

Galaxy S8 could have a 3.2GHz octa-core Snapdragon processor, which certainly sounds fast. That said, Samsung also makes its own Exynos chips and with the Galaxy S7 some regions got those and others got the Snapdragon 820, so the same is likely to happen with the Galaxy S8. More specifically, the US will probably get a Snapdragon chip, while most of the rest of the world will likely get an Exynos one.

Samsung’s polished the Galaxy S7 to within an inch of its life, so for the Galaxy S8 to stand out it needs a feature to shout about. Perhaps an iris scanner, or a projector, or maybe something so new it’s not even been thought up yet.













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