A Business Offer for a unique Wine software product suite

Looking for a strategic investor, partner or buyer for a unique wine app

Global wine market is unique in many respects.

A. While it is a USD 200 billion dollar plus market annually, there is no dominant brand or brands leading to ‘long tail’ brand-wise sales with some small spikes.

B. Wine is one of the only growing sectors in the alcoholic beverages market, with over 50 countries producing wines. Women consumers are a growing segment of the market with the USA having 55% wine drinkers as women.

C. There are about a million different variants of wine – based on varietal (grape/blend), country, region and vintage. This creates confusion in the minds of consumers as to what to buy.

D. Merchants are also unsure about what to stock, given the number of wines on offer, leading to many wines being on sale due to inventory buildup.

E. Most wine producers are small establishments with wine making know-how but low funds, marketing reach and consumer knowledge for selling into different markets and demographics.

F. Globally most wine is purchased in a store rather than online or in restaurants/bars. Even the biggest wine market USA has 85% wine purchase in stores while its even higher in other countries.

G. Wine drinkers are also the most social of the alcoholic beverage consumers and exchange opinions and experiences with fellow drinkers.

The wine market is ripe for social and data driven technology solutions for greater efficiencies in the system – right from wine producers to wine consumers.

We have attempted to bring some order to this business via a social commerce wine platform with a roadmap for a bigger play in the global wine market. Over the past 2 years, we have developed software – in the form of a Consumer app running on Google Play and Apple App stores and on HTML5 web browsers as well as in-store Merchant Kiosk app running on dedicated tablets in wine stores.

The USA is still the world’s biggest wine market but the fastest growing markets are China and other parts of the world. Our database has top selling wines in the leading USA wine consumption regions, Singapore, Australia, India etc.

The promoters of this app owing to changed priorities are looking to sell the software on an as-is where-is basis along with a product and market roadmap to entrepreneurs who can storm the markets in China and elsewhere. A handover period of up to 3 months with specific feature addition and task completion are additionally available as part of this acquisition to enable to enable easier transition for the acquiring company.

The key features of the app suite are below and more details are available on interest.

If you are interested, please write to us at rexofblr@gmail.com to take this further.

Key Features

The consumer product suite is a social wine app and website with commerce features meant for casual wine drinkers everywhere.

It helps users to find most popular wines meeting their preferences and budget in a store or online, using the unique text chat searches feature or the GUI version of this. The chat and GUI search are designed to help lay users search for wines the way they think viz. “USA, California, Chardonnay, Fruity, 20” so they get a set of most popular matching wines rather than only one wine to choose from. This is unlike other search options which show only one wine at a time using name or label. Matching wines are ordered in descending order of peer votes across the system. Nearby merchant stores with their offers are automatically shown during wine results, if required permissions are set by the user. It also allows a user to search by its name or part of it as well. The label image search logic and GUI are ready and tested with an image search engine so can be quickly implemented.

User’s wine actions are: Vote Up or Down, add to Wish list, Cellar and Shopping List, Recommend to followers, Share with social network. Using camera action, user can share a wine label image with vote and review to his own app profile, social networks in FB, Twitter etc as well as by email and messenger. The cumulative number of Votes and other counts help users make purchase decisions. The user can see little or more detail on wine from Wine Summary and Detail respectively. He can also see offers/deals from registered wine merchants and to find suitable merchants, both offline and online, and see their wine catalogs.

Its social features include people search, follow, and invite friends to the app from social, email and messenger networks. *Groups and events can be implemented quickly as there is existing software for an earlier version and latest GUI’s for them. Wine results can be seen across the entire system or only within My Network. Notifications show My Network’s wine and other actions since last login. User Profile shows all past wine and people actions. Permissions can be set at a granular level for each activity as Share or Private viz. Votes, Wishlist, Purchases, and Cellar etc. The IdeaXchange Q&A forum allows users ask to wine related queries to the entire network of app users and has suggested topics like Wine Buying, Storage and Handling; Food and Wine, etc which can be added or changed by administrator.

Currently the database has top selling wines in California, New York, Florida, New Jersey; Singapore, India, Australia with more wines being added daily.

The in-store merchant app is a new initiative which allows walk-in customers to use a tablet available in the store (currently provided by us) with a dedicated version of the wine app to allow them to search for wines only within merchant’s catalog based on GUI criteria (as above) to easily find wines to buy. This app module is globally unique and has an exciting feature roadmap to make it a worldwide success.


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