Unique & Amazing Smartphones 2015

Greetings! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year wishes  to all of you reading this blog. Apologies to those who missed my blogs, for not posting consistently.

2015 was another year of technology advancements, especially in the smart devices segment. We saw the increase in sales of Chinese devices and a mild decrease in sales for the giants ruling the market. Indian smartphone maker Micromax replaced Samsung in India as the lead in market share for the 1st time. Sales of Chinese brands increased around the globe especially in Asia and European markets. People changed their mindset and stopped believing in brand names and started buying best ones even if it is from a unknown brand. I believe this is a good move.

For you people I have selected 5 amazing smartphones from around the world those you may not have heard till date. If you have heard you are awesome. Also I have mentioned only their unique features and not the regular technical specs.

Sesame Touch Free Smartphone for people with disabilities

Sesame touch free phone

Hats-off to the first ever phone Designed for people with disabilities, specifically for the mobility impaired – Spinal Cord Injuries (SCI), Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS), Cerebral Palsy (CP), Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Muscular Dystrophy, Arthritis and more. Sesame’s technology was made for people who have limited, or no use of their hands and are able to make small head movements.

Sonim XP7 – A ultra-rugged smartphone for adventurous people

Sonim XP7

The phone features a touch screen that can be viewed in direct sunlight as well as a numeric keypad that can be easily used with gloves. An extra loud speaker, noise cancellation, powerful battery, resistance to drops and water and a 3-Year comprehensive warranty are other features of this solid smartphone.

Nextbit Robin – Never run out of storage

Nextbit Robin

A unique smartphone whenever it’s plugged in and on Wi-Fi, it backs up your apps and photos. And when you need space, it archives the things you use least, so you always have space for what you want most with 100 GB of cloud storage for free. There’s always a thumbnail for everything archived, and with one click it’s back on Robin. You don’t have to log back in and you never lose your data. Robin has the cloud integrated right into Android OS, and its perfectly tuned hardware is optimized to take every advantage of it.

Ubik Uno – No bezel smartphone

Ubik Uno

A smartphone with No Bezel unique design with one piece aluminium frame. The phone looks stunning and premium as you can see in the picture.


 Icase – Transform your smartphone into a full functional tablet


Just insert your phone into the case and use it as a tablet. This also serves as a expandable memory for smartphones whose memory can’t be expanded. The external case that serves as a tablet has features like: 10,000 mah external battery with fast charging, Gorilla glass protection, microSD card slot upto 128GB, armor shell & impact resistant soft core, water proof, dust proof, shock proof, etc.,

Thank you for reading this blog and see you in my next post. Have a wonderful time. Cheers!



2 thoughts on “Unique & Amazing Smartphones 2015

  1. Hai martin..
    Its really nice to read. It is very useful for the one who want to know about the new models. Please continue the same in future. Eagerly waiting for your future blogs.


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